Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Skill test myself

What do I know? And what do I need to learn?

2D animation, classic, flash and a little toon boom.  know how to create asset in illustrator and photoshop and import them to flash and toon boom.  Both as jpeg or even better as GNP files which only imports the image without a background.  Very helpfully if you need the image without a white bacground.

Don't know any action script but would need to create games or websites.

Learn how to create 3D image in swift or any other program like photoshop or illustrator for flash.

Create more 3D images in illustrator and photoshop to use in flash.

Developing model making skills in stop motion animation.  Good modeller but need to learn more about the development process.  Been working towards creating silicone models but need to develop on how to create puppets in different techniques.

Need to improve on both painting models and different way on how to make my puppets appeal more alive.  Develop painting on to silicone and latex and all the techniques and process.

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