Friday, 27 January 2012

Making me look more professional on the net.

Looking to rebrand myself on the internet by linking all my accounts together and starting to show some of my better work.  This is also to try and use the one name making it easier to find me and my work.
         Business card to help promote my name so helping people to find and view my work.  This is my new blog with the my name that is also my new email address.  All of this is so that I hopefully will have a stronger net presence to go forward after Uni.
This new blog still needs some work done on it. I downloaded the html template to have a go at creating my own background for the blog but I think that may have to wait for when I have more time to learn about it. I seen a tutorial on how to save images in photoshop so that they can be used as XmL in a template. Like I say this is something that I will need to have a look at in the future to try and make my blog individual and stand out from the rest.

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